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How To Get More Plumbing Leads With PPC & SEO

How To Get More Plumbing Leads With PPC & SEO

How To Get More Plumbing Leads With The Experts At Boost Online?

Every year Google receives over 250,000 searches from users searching for ‘emergency plumbers’ and ‘local trusted plumber’ across the UK! For over 5 years Boost Online have used a variety of digital marketing channels, including SEO & PPC to deliver 100’s of qualified plumbing leads for local plumbing companies like yours.

With our experience in the industry our team developed a set of rules that allow us to generate plumbing leads for local plumbers and heating engineers anywhere in the UK. These rules are effective for all plumbers, whether you are based in: Bristol, Sussex, Edinburgh, Devon or Essex. Our lead generation tips are great for plumbers looking to grow your business and steadily increase the amount of work you book each month from: ‘emergency plumber enquiries’, ‘leaking pipe leads’ and ‘boiler service calls’. 

How To Get More Plumbing Leads

1.How To Get More Plumbing Leads In Your Area?

Choose a selection of locations that you are comfortable servicing. What postcodes in your local area would you like more calls from? Are calls for ‘emergency plumber in Chelsea’ worth more to you than ‘boiler service in Chiswick’ or ‘leaky taps in Croydon’? With a carefully selected target location we can focus your PPC budget and develop an SEO strategy to work for you.

2. How many plumbers do you have?

Are you running the plumbing business yourself or do you have a team of 30 heating engineers and plumbers? Once you know how many plumbing jobs you can handle each month we can begin to calculate the number of phone calls you require each day. Leads from PPC are highly qualified and driven to book. Customers searching for [pipes leaking through my ceiling] are more likely to request a quote than most.

3. Choose the right budget to deliver enough plumbing leads.

With experience managing plumbing campaigns across the UK and also the US we are able to provide reliable and transparent budgets for your plumbing lead generation campaigns. The average [emergency plumber] cost per click is £2.26, to direct 200 people to your site requires approximately £452. With this data we can set accurate budgets and work towards growing  your business with a target cost per lead to ensure all of our leads are profitable.

4. Find a plumbing lead generation agency you can trust.

You started a plumbing company because of the opportunity and your expertise. Agencies with experience in your industry and transparent pricing can be few and far between. At Boost Online we are able to provide client reviews and 60+ testimonials from happy clients to highlight our expertise. We know how to get more plumbing leads for you.

For more information on how to get more plumbing leads, or to request a free audit of your current activity please get in contact. Whether it’s to help improve your Google Ads PPC or SEO rankings, we can help you generate more grab hire leads.