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Get More Building & Construction Leads

Get More Building & Construction Leads

It might surprise you to learn that even local building and construction companies receive a large number of searches on Google. After all, the building and construction industry is fiercely competitive which is why users are searching for the likes of “Building and construction” or “building and construction in my area”. BoostOnline has been helping Building and construction to boost their leads since 2014 by using digital marketing strategies that use PPC, SEO and website design.

At BoostOnline, we have a team of marketing experts who have the skills and tools to analyse a range of campaigns that we have already implemented and managed for building companies, construction firms and tradesmen. Therefore, the tips that we provide are ideal for local building and construction companies across England. They are designed to help your building and construction company slowly enhance calls for “building and construction experts”, “building and construction leads” and “building calls.

4 Tips to Help Increase Building and Construction Leads

  1. Consider where you need more enquiries for Building and Construction to come from

As a local building and construction company, it’s worth thinking about the locations around the area that you work. You might want to consider those areas where you are willing to provide your services or an area where you believe you can excel. Do you want to receive more enquiries from a specific area? After you have determined the areas you want to cover, we then get to work to design SEO Strategies, Social Media Campaigns and PPC Campaigns that align with your business.

  1. How much can you handle?

We have the scope to tweak campaigns so they work harder for you but if we tweak it too much and you will receive more calls than you can handle. So have a think about how many people work for your business. Do you have the scope to take on a certain number of calls and if so, how many? As they are already qualified, the calls you receive from PPC and SEO are more than likely to book your services.

  1. Pick your budget based on the right amount of leads

There is an average cost associated with the average cost per click for building and construction businesses and that will allow you to calculate how much it will cost to send a certain number of people to your website. However, this information is extremely useful as it will allow you to put aside a PPC budget that works. Furthermore, we can ensure we are providing profitable leads by setting a target cost per lead.

  1. You need building and construction lead generation experts

To ensure that you achieve the leads you require, it helps to use the services of a lead generation agency that offers PPC, SEO, Social Media and Web Design. With a clear understanding of your industry, it becomes possible to achieve the desired results with the correct strategies and campaigns.

Get in touch with us today to speak to one of our friendly experts about how we can generate more building & construction leads for your business.