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What Is PPC?

Google PPC, also known as Google Ads, Pay-Per-Click and formerly AdWords, is a powerful form of internet marketing. As a PPC advertiser, you are given the opportunity to place custom adverts right at the top of the page whenever somebody searches for products or services that your business provides, and you are charged a fee each time one of your sponsored adverts is clicked on. Put simply, it is an online advertising tool that allows a business to buy relevant visits to their website. Search engine advertising is a very popular form of online marketing due to its flexibility: Google Ads’ versatile suite of tools includes Geographic targeting, focused keywords and daily spend limits, and that’s just scratching the surface.

What is PPC?
Google Premier Partners

Google Partners

BoostOnline is a Google Partner and our team consists of certified Google experts. Each of us is dedicated to providing professional campaign management for SMEs and larger corporates. Our inclusion in the Google Partner programme recognises our agency’s proven track record of consistently meeting Google’s account management standards and best practices, as well as our unwavering commitment to achieving excellent, sustainable results for our customers. For assistance in search engine marketing including mobile, remarketing and display, Google shopping, video and Gmail ads, contact us today.

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Google PPC Experts

BoostOnline’s award winning Google Ads services are second to none when it comes to achieving fantastic results for our clients. Our talented and experienced PPC team takes a highly analytical approach to managing your campaigns, constantly reviewing your account’s data and making adjustments based on the insights they gather. We pride ourselves on our local marketing expertise, and our team is well versed in optimising Google Ads accounts towards converting locally-focused, high-intent search traffic into leads, which is hugely important for smaller, local businesses. If you’d like to find out more about what a best-in-class Google Ads Agency can bring to your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free, no-obligation account review.

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Google PPC Experts
Manual Bidding

Manual Bidding

The benefit of manual bidding can be summed up in one word: control. Bidding manually allows us to consistently “test” keywords. At BoostOnline, our Google PPC experts routinely A/B test different strategies in order to improve your campaign’s performance. Whether your goal is to bid for page position or keyword optimisation, we will be on hand to advise on and implement an optimal strategy for your business that ensures we achieve the lowest possible Cost Per Lead. If you’d like to discuss whether manual bidding is right for your business, call our team today.

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Automated Bidding Software

We have partnered with Acquisio, one of the UK’s leading automated bidding platforms. This partnership allows us to leverage the power of AI to improve the efficiency of your PPC, Social Media, and Display campaigns, helping us to get you the best ROI from your online marketing budget. Acquisio’s software is compatible with many leading marketing platforms including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and LinkedIn. Whilst potentially very effective, automated bidding isn’t necessarily the right option for every business. For this reason, our team will carry out a full audit in order to establish whether or not this strategy is the best way forward for you. Click below to request a callback.

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What is PPC?
Google PPC Experts

Call Tracking & Recording

Call conversion tracking bridges the gap between website visits and calls to your business. With this technology, we are able to determine with precision which keywords generate quality phone call leads. This data allows us to shift your budget towards prioritising the keywords that are generating leads and to minimise non-converting clicks. Combined with call recording functionality (optional), we can gain valuable insight into the value that your PPC campaigns are providing your business. In addition to our own regular reviews of your calls, we equip all our clients with the ability to log in, listen, and rate their own calls, which has the potential to be a great tool for internal training and call handling.

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Click Fraud Protection

It is an unfortunate reality that your competitors may try to attack the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns. They may attempt to do this by clicking on your sponsored ads in an effort to exhaust your daily budget early. Although click fraud accounts for less than 10% of online visits and Google have their own filters in place, we understand that this dishonest practice can be extremely costly, particularly for larger spending customers and those operating within high cost per click industries. At BoostOnline, we offer our clients added protection by automatically blocking the IP addresses that consistently click on your sponsored ads. Call us to find out more.

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Google Premier Partners
Manual Bidding

Google AdWords Reporting

Our mission is to not only provide great results and exceptional customer service but also to maintain 100% transparency, 100% of the time. Therefore, we provide detailed monthly reporting. Our tailored reports act as a simple and effective way for you to understand how your campaigns are performing. With a clear and concise presentation of all key metrics, from Click-through rate, impression share, average cost per click, conversion rate and spend; our reports have all the information you need to understand the value PPC brings to your business. If you would like to discuss your current reporting please fill out the form below.

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