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Social Media

Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing (SMM) is a form of Internet marketing that utilises social networking websites as a marketing tool. The goal of SMM is to produce content that users will share with their social network to help a company increase brand awareness, trust and broaden customer reach.

Facebook Advertising


Facebook Advertising is an advertisement or post created by a business on Facebook that’s served up to Facebook users based on user activity, demographic information, device use information, advertising and marketing partner-supplied information, and off-Facebook activity. Boxed Content – Images to follow once content is in place. This is a good way to build brand awareness and trust within your industry. To find out how BoostOnline can help you promote your business contact our team today.

Twitter Advertising


At BoostOnline we ensure your business Twitter account is promoted to a list of people who are tweeting near that location. You will be able to use this tweet timeline to find people who may be potential customers. You can follow them or add them to a potential local customer list. We provide full tweeting services and ensure that we are not just promoting your business but also the traffic to your website. If you are interested in exploring this strategy in more detail please complete our request a callback form.

LinledIn Advertising


Advertising on LinkedIn can help your businesses connect with an audience that can benefit the services you provide. You can appeal to any business, Director, Proprietor, Sole Trader or anyone with specific interests. LinkedIn is the perfect way to build a B2B audience and connect with like minded individuals. BoostOnline can give you the time back by promoting your business through paid ads or bespoke and consistent posts. To find out if manual bidding is right for your business call us.

Google+ Advertising


Why Should your business Be on Google Plus? Well, it is owned and operated by Google. And as a generalization, like YouTube and Google Places for Business, Google+ profiles do have some perks in getting ranked/indexed by Google. You increase the odds of getting highly targeted visitors from Google’s organic search results if you have a Google Plus account. Google+ assists in the success of your SEO. For more information please contact us.

Revive trust BoostOnline to manage PPC ad campaigns on their behalf
Kings Ferry Travel Group uses BoostOnline digital marketing services for PPC campaign management
BoostOnline provide web development services, search engine optimisation and PPC for LMD Skip Hire
Rudridge employ BoostOnline for PPC and SEO agency services
Environet utilise BoostOnline UK Group Ltd services for Google Adwords campaign management
BoostOnline Digital Marketing Agency clients: Diamond Communication
BoostOnline provide SEO, PPC campaign services and web design to Harley Street Concierge
Smart Office Group utilises BoostOnline Web Development, Google Adwords and SEO services
J&S Travel uses BoostOnline for PPC advertising
BoostOnline supply Tutor Experts with expert PPC ad campaigns
BoostOnline utilises MediaHawk visitor call tracking on our managed websites
BoostOnline provides Facebook Advertising Management Services
Response Tap is used by BoostOnline digital marketing agency to track calls on behalf of clients
BoostOnline is proud to be a member of Federation of Small Business
BoostOnline utilises Acquisio software for digital marketing agencies
BoostOnline provides Bing advertising services
BoostOnline is proud to be a Google Adwords Qualifed Company
BoostOnline utilises ClickCease Anti-ClickFraud technology on PPC ad campaigns

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