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Get More Hairdressers Leads

Get More Hairdressers Leads

Hairdressing is a very competitive business and there will be no shortage of people searching terms like ‘’hairdressers near me’’. It is important for the success of your business that you capitalise on the large quantity of searches coming your way. BoostOnline has been operating since 2014 to help businesses improve with the aid of PPC, SEO, Social Media and web design services to get more hairdressers leads. We are experienced in working in a wide range of businesses including hairdressing. 

We know the tips that will help Hairdressers increase their leads because of the depth of experience that our digital marketing experts have. These tips are ideal for your company wherever it is or can even be specific to your location. 

4 Tips to Help Increase Hairdresser Leads

1. Where do you want more leads for Hairdressers coming from?

It is important to consider where you locate your business because you want a comfortable supply of customers. Especially in a business like hairdressing, you are physically limited by the postcode of your establishment. When choosing postcodes, look for locations where there is little competition. 

Once you have established where you want your business to be, we can then begin designing tailor made SEO strategies and PPC campaigns for you.

2. How many employees do you have?

Knowing how many people work for you allows us to determine the number of leads needed per month for your business to thrive. We can make a calculated judgement on the number of calls needed for your business to reach its potential.

The calls that we get you through PPC and SEO are already qualified and likely to lead to a hairdresser sale for your business. 

3. Select a budget that accounts for the number of leads needed

In the hairdresser industry there is an average cost per click. This is important for us to work out the cost for us to bring a specific number of visitors to your website.

It is important to have an accurate PPC budget with a cost per lead as it will help you have a profitable business.

4. Choose a hairdresser lead generation agency  

To be successful in hairdressing you need to focus on having a high level of service and customer satisfaction. To make your business profitable you need a high level of leads to bring in income. This requires a digital marketing agency with a high level of experience and expertise to generate leads. At BoostOnline we have worked with many other hairdressers and other similar industries. We have a track record of high client satisfaction and helping their businesses thrive.

Contact us today and speak to our digital marketing experts. We can answer any questions you may have about how our service can help your hairdresser business succeed.