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Get More Recruitment Leads

Get More Recruitment Leads

Are you looking for more recruitment leads for your business? Google is by far the most used search engine meaning there are people out there looking to be recruited and employers who are looking for them. BoostOnline helps businesses such as yours to be seen more online. We create digital marketing strategies to help companies benefit from more leads. This is done through the PPC and SEO service we provide.

At BoostOnline our digital marketing specialists are experienced in working with many different businesses, the scope of our experience is across a large range of industries so the tips we can give are applicable to a range of industries in all areas. We benefit your business by increasing calls and leads. 

Tips To Generate More Recruitment Leads

1. Find out where you need more enquiries to come from

Most industries operate in a specific geographic area. In the case of recruitment, this involves recruiting candidates that can work for your client based in that geographical area. You are often restrained in recruiting geographically because the candidate must live nearby. To do this you must choose your postcode and one that is preferably with limited competition. Once you have found a gap in the market for you to exploit we can then move on to PPC campaigns and SEO strategies to fit your needs. 

2. How many people work in your business

Determining how many people your business can employ as it is important to know when planning the scalability of your business. BoostOnline can find out the amount of calls needed so your business is working at the required capacity to be viable. Calls that we generate using SEO and PPC will lead to sales as they are qualified.

3. Create a budget that allows you to deliver enough recruitment leads

Our service involves getting more traffic to your business meaning more visitors clicking on your website. There is a cost per click for recruiters and with this figure, your overall cost for sending the required number of people to your website can be calculated. An accurate budget can be devised while a target cost per lead is calculated so we can get the right amount of leads for your business to be profitable. 

4. Find a recruiter lead generation agency 

Although you are experts in the field in which your business operates, you also need results for your business to survive and succeed. To achieve these results means working with an agency that understands the industry and has experience in delivering results.

Contact us today and speak with our experts about how we generate leads for your website. We provide clear prices and transparency and you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.