How To Get More Carpet Fitting Leads For Your Business
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How To Get More Carpet Fitting Leads For Your Business

How To Get More Carpet Fitting Leads For Your Business

As carpet fitting involves customised fittings for different floor plans, there will always be a demand for the service. New builds and people who need their properties recarpeted will likely be searching for ‘’carpet fitters near me’’. Operating since 2014, BoostOnline has been helping businesses just like and similar to carpet fitting companies. We make specialised marketing campaigns using PPC, SEO, social media and web design services with the intended purpose of increasing carpet fitting leads to the company website.

From the long and varied experience of our digital marketing team, a comprehensive list of tip that are tried and tested can be put together. These tips will no doubt be a benefit to your business. 

Steps that will get you more carpet fitting leads

1. Where do you want more leads coming from?

Choosing your location of operation is key because you need to be sure that it has enough customers available to make your business successful. An obvious choice is one where there is a high density of buildings. Furthermore, choose postcodes where you had past success or one where there is little competition.

With your locations sorted, we can then move on to designing suitably fitted SEO strategies and PPC campaigns right for your business.

2. How many employees do you have

The number of people working in your organisation determines the number of leads you can handle per month. In this case the number of carpet fitters available to complete orders from customers is key to know how many calls you can answer per month. An accurate estimation is important so you can invest enough to gain the leads you need but not too much so you become overwhelmed by customers you can’t service.

Calls that come from our PPC and SEO are qualified and likely to result in a carpet fitting sale for your business.

3. Budget to cover the right number of leads for carpet fitting

Find the cost per lead for the average carpet fitting company. With this understanding you will know an accurate estimation of the cost of attracting a specific number of visitors to your website via our services.

With this data you can have the right PPC budget based on the accurate cost per lead. If you are planning on hitting a specific number of sales, you know the PPC cost that brings a sufficient number of leads that will likely convert to sales.

4. Choose the right lead generation agency

As your focus as a carpet fitter is to deliver a product to your customer of the highest quality, you should look for a lead generation agency that matches your first class service. Our service as a lead generation agency is one of the best in the business because our experts have a good grasp of the industry having had a strong track record of working with similar businesses.
Get in touch with us today with our experts to discuss what we can do for your carpet fitting business.