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How To Get More Garage Leads

How To Get More Garage Leads

Services you provide like car servicing, MOT, etc will always have demand from motorists. Where they are searching for ‘’garage near me’’ or searching for something more specific like ‘’where can I get an MOT’’, there is a lot of search engine traffic that could be directed your way. At BoostOnline we are specialists at directing internet traffic towards businesses we work with. We use PPC and SEO to increase the garage leads of the companies that use our digital marketing strategies.

Our team can put together a strategy that will help your business grow steadily. BoostOnline has a good track record of helping businesses we work will grow and so the tips we provide you are sure to work wherever you are in the UK.

4 Tip To Generate Garage Leads

1. Decide where you want your garage leads to come from  

First of all you need to decide on a location where you are comfortable operating in. Obviously you are limited to a certain extent by the location of your garage, but you can target certain locations in your marketing to attract more customers from those areas. You should consider locations of high car ownership or where you know there are not a lot of other garages nearby to compete with. 

Once the postcodes for your leads have been decided, we can make a tailored PPC campaign, social media strategy and SEO strategy that will boost your business leads. 

2. How many people work for you?

How many people work at your garage? Whether you run the establishment yourself or you employ other car mechanics, it’s important to judge correctly the number of calls you can handle per month. All the calls coming from PPC and SEO are qualified so will likely lead to new business. 

3. Budget to cover the marketing cost of the garage

You can work out the average cost per click to get leads for your garage. You can then calculate the cost of sending the right number of leads to your garage and to make sure it is profitable for you. With this data you can create a realistic and workable PPC budget that will set you up for success.

4. Choose an agency that knows how to get leads for garages

It is key when choosing your agency that you choose one that understands the business you are in. It is important that they understand motorists as a consumer base as they are who will be targeted by the campaign. BoostOnline have worked with a wide variety of businesses across multiple industries including similar ones to you. 

Get in touch today with our professionals to discuss what we can do to help boost your garage business.