5 Digital Marketing Tips to Keep in Mind During the Pandemic
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5 Positive Digital Marketing Tips To Keep In Mind During The Coronavirus Pandemic

5 Positive Digital Marketing Tips To Keep In Mind During The Coronavirus Pandemic

During this trying and challenging time in our history, we know how difficult it is to find shreds of positivity or hope. However, here at BoostOnline, we are continuing to generate 100s of leads across a variety of sectors and are remaining highly positive, especially in the world of digital marketing – and we would like to share some of that positivity with you through the form of digital marketing tips. 

As our daily, normal and sociable everyday lives take on a few adjustments and temporary changes, we would like to turn your attention or perhaps shift your focus towards some of the positive pros that digital marketing has to offer.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind that will allow you to stay connected with your customers, stay on track with your future marketing goals and continue to offer your services and give your customers the relevant information they’re looking for.


Taking this time to really put more effort into your search engine optimisation (SEO) can offer many positive outcomes in the near future. From conducting extensive market research to focussing on maintaining a high-ranking placement in the search results page of a search engine (SERP), you’ll be in great shape when it comes to providing your customers with the exact services or relevant information they’re looking for. With our SEO services, we work diligently to enhance your website’s visibility and provide your business with high-quality sales leads – so why not take this time to truly enhance your SEO game?

Website Content & Design  

Is your website displaying or conveying the correct messages during a time of such uncertainty? Taking the time to adjust the content or potentially design of your website accordingly, will help to reassure your customers and offer a clearer message of the measures you have in place for the time being. Whether this means adding a relevant FAQ section or more immediate contact information, it is best to keep your website fully responsive. Keep your customers connected and up to date, if you require further tips on how to do so, our team of website design experts are happy to help

Social Media Advertising

As the world continues to face monumental changes and challenges every day, this has resulted in many people flocking more so than ever to social media. From major spikes in ad impressions to engagements and more, social media is certainly getting a lot of attention right now, as users are faced to adjust their everyday routines and find new ways to fill their time. Therefore, concentrating on your social media advertising is certainly a wise move right now, as you can help spread positive and uplifting messaging which will in-turn shed a positive light on your brand or business. This is a vital time to be producing content that users will want to share with their social network, and you will be able to increase your brand awareness and broaden your customer reach.

Content Marketing

Stay connected with your customers and maintain an open dialogue through the power of content marketing. Blogging about your services or sharing relevant or interesting information, is an effective way to keep your business on your customer’s minds, especially right now. Whether they are able to use your services during this time or not, maintaining communication and producing consistent information will keep them interested and loyal to your brand or business – now and always.

Stay Home & Stay Safe

Lastly, from our dedicated team here at BoostOnline, we would like to continue to spread awareness and emphasise the importance of staying home, staying happy and healthy and staying safe. As a world, we are always going to face challenging and testing times, however, it is our duty to come together and do all that we can to come out on the other side stronger than before. Always remember, this too shall pass.

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We hope our 5 positive tips can provide you with a solid starting point in your digital marketing endeavours. We are happy to further discuss should you require more digital marketing guidance during this time. We continue to remain dedicated to helping local businesses through virtual meetings to anyone who needs them, virtual quotes via simple screen sharing and reporting that is available 24/7. Please feel free to get in touch with us today. Stay positive and healthy.