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Drive More Roofing Repair Leads

Drive More Roofing Repair Leads

Google receives over 200,000 searches each year in the UK for roofing repairs! Google Ads PPC can place your roofing company in front of potential customers. PPC can be used to engage with new prospects and leads at the exact moment they are looking for the roofing services you offer. Following the below tips can help you to generate roofing leads and work with PPC.

With the correct campaign setup you are able to drive leads for specific roofing services: flat roof repair quotes, leaking roof leads or complete roof installs. Over the years we have identified a set of 7 rules to follow to help roofing contractors grow their business and secure work time and time again.

7 Tips To Drive More Roofing Repair Leads

1. Decide the type of roofing repair leads you want.

Don’t spread your marketing budget too thinly. Decide which types of roofing service prospects you want to be calling. Are calls for roof repair quotes essential to your business or are large national roof replacements leads your target? A clear end goal allows you to optimise your: website, PPC and SEO activity with this in mind.

2. How many roof repair quotes can you handle?

You need to know how many leads you need to be at full capacity. It’s worth remembering that roofing leads generated through PPC are very qualified, and are likely to lead to more jobs than traditional marketing. How many roofers do you employ? Users who search for ‘London Roofing Companies near me’ are more likely to request a quote than users who received a leaflet through the door.

3. Think like a customer.

Go over your website and review your images and content. High quality images, customer reviews, introduce your roofers and portfolios of past jobs help to build trust with customers interested in your roofing services. If you want an independent review of your site, please get in contact and we can help.

4. Choose the correct PPC budget to drive more roofing repair leads.

Your PPC agency should be able to recommend accurate budgets based on real industry data. The average [roof repair near me] cost per click is £2.52, so to direct 200 people to your site requires approximately £500. Use this as a benchmark to decide on how much to invest into your roofing marketing.

5. Find a lead generation agency you can trust

You started a roofing company because this is your strength. If you wanted to run a search engine marketing agency then you would have started one! Find an agency you can trust to take control of your lead generation. Your agency should be transparent with: costs, results and recommendations. Ask for case studies and customer testimonials before you commit.

6. Run promotions.

It’s a competitive industry for roofing repair contractors. Offering promotions and special offers helps you to stand out against other businesses. These incentives can generate more leads and calls.

7. Keep testing.

Your marketing activities should always be evolving. Testing new: PPC ads, landing pages, images, promotions and pricing can help roofing companies to grow. BoostOnline has helped roofing companies improve their marketing efforts for years and continued testing is essential to this.

For more information, or a detailed review of your sales activity please get in contact. Whether it’s to help improve your Google Ads PPC or SEO visibility, we can help your roofing business.

For more information on our success in generating leads for roofing contractors, please download the below PDF.

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