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East Grinstead Foodbank – How Can You Help?

East Grinstead Foodbank – How Can You Help?

Who Are East Grinstead Foodbank?

At BoostOnline, community is at the heart of everything we do so we wanted to highlight the work of East Grinstead Foodbank, an organisation that goes above and beyond to help members of our community who need support.

Since opening in December 2012, the foodbank has provided food to over 13,000 people in order to ensure that they don’t go hungry. Food is a basic necessity but sadly not everyone has access to it, this makes the work of East Grinstead Foodbank extremely valuable.

It should also be noted that the foodbank is a charity run solely by volunteers who go out of their way to help people that are struggling. It’s people like this who help to bring our community together and we at BoostOnline want to say thank you.

What Are We Doing To Help?

During this time of year foodbanks receive a lot more demand and sometimes it can be difficult for them to cope. This is why we are making a donation of food to East Grinstead Foodbank in order to ensure they can continue to help those who need it.

We want to make as positive an impact as we can within our community and we feel that this is one way in which we can contribute meaningfully. This is not just a one-off Christmas gesture either, we will also look to continue supporting East Grinstead Foodbank in the future.

How Can You Help?

If you are able to, we urge you to join us in supporting East Grinstead Foodbank through donations. The foodbank accepts both food and monetary donations so whatever you can give will be greatly appreciated.

At BoostOnline, we feel it’s important that everyone supports each other and donating to a worthy cause such as this will go a long way to helping the people who really need it.

Contact Information

If you would like to find out more about what we are doing to help our local community, feel free to contact us today. We have also included East Grinstead Foodbank’s contact information here, should you be interested in knowing how you can support them further.