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How Google Local Service Ads Can Benefit Your Business

How Google Local Service Ads Can Benefit Your Business

What Are Google Local Service Ads?

Google local service ads were recently introduced into the UK and for the industries that are eligible, they can work extremely well in conjunction with a localised SEO strategy. Here at BoostOnline we are championing the use of this fantastic tool and will explain how it works below.

When a user types in a search term such as ‘Electricians East Grinstead’, Google local service ads will display all the electricians in the area that are registered with them. These ads sit above the traditional paid ads, thus giving them pride of place on Google’s results pages.

The ads also provide the user with a wealth of information such as the business’ phone number, hours, reviews, etc. Once the user clicks on one of these ads, Google will then check to see if they are a relevant user. This is done by asking them to confirm whether the company provides a service that they are interested in as well as if they are based in the local area.

If they confirm this then they will be able to see the full ad and the rest of the business’ contact details. However, should they decide that the business does not meet their needs, they will be directed to another ad and the business will not be charged for this ad click.

What Are The Benefits Of Google Local Service Ads?

Google local service ads bring a multitude of benefits to the businesses that use them. The very best of these have been detailed below by us at BoostOnline:

Businesses Pay For Leads, Not Clicks

With traditional paid ads, a lot of a business’ budgets are often lost on users who have clicked on the ad but are not relevant to their product or service. However, as mentioned above, this is not the case with Google local service ads.

Google only charges a business if the user confirms that they are interested in the service, thus generating a lead rather than just a click. This is great news for businesses as leads are much more likely to result in conversions.

Instantly Gain A Higher Level Of Customer Trust

When a Google local service ad appears for a business, it also comes with a green tick and the phrase “Google Guaranteed” next to it. This is likely to instantly increase the level of trust a potential customer has for a business due to a reputable company like Google backing it.

As a result, more conversions are likely to occur as the customers will now be convinced that they will receive a top quality service. This may not have been the case with traditional paid ads as they do not come with the “Google Guaranteed” message.

Included In Voice Search Results

Due to the ever-increasing capabilities of technology, a lot more users are taking advantage of Google’s voice search feature. When this tool is used to search for businesses, it recognises Google local service ads and ensures that the users are made aware of them.

This means that by using Google local service ads, businesses don’t miss out on the customers that are using the search engine hands-free.

How Can BoostOnline Help?

At BoostOnline we can help to ensure that you get the very most out of Google local service ads by managing the tool for you. Being a Google Premier Partner, there are a multitude of ways in which we can add value to this already fantastic service, these include setting up your profile, managing your budget and tracking your leads, just to name a few.

If you feel that our expertise could be of use to you or even if you just want to discuss this great tool further, please do contact us today. We help a wide range of businesses to achieve their digital goals so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.