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Introducing East Grinstead Touch Rugby

Introducing East Grinstead Touch Rugby

BoostOnline’s Partnership With East Grinstead Touch Rugby

At BoostOnline we have seen firsthand the positive impact that East Grinstead Touch Rugby (EGRFC) has had on the local area so we thought that it would be great if we could get involved. This is why we are proud to say that we are now the main sponsor of the Social Touch Rugby side.

We thought that this would be the perfect side to sponsor as their main focus is on enjoyment and fitness rather than recruiting the best players possible. To find out more about our partnership with EGRFC, please check out the sponsors section on their website.

Who Are East Grinstead Rugby Football Club?

At BoostOnline, we love to highlight the very best parts of our community and East Grinstead Rugby Football Club (EGRFC) definitely fits into that category. Please continue reading in order to find out the many ways in which they make a meaningful contribution to the local area.

EGRFC, formed in 1929, are a local rugby club that champions diversity and inclusivity as well as pushing every player to become the best version of themselves. They have managed to strike the right balance between competitiveness and enjoyment in order to make training sessions and match days an exciting place to be.

EGRFC currently has three senior Men’s sides, a Women’s, Colts and Social Touch Rugby side (More on them in a minute) in addition to running a whole host of junior sides for boys and girls. So, it is safe to say that EGRFC is doing its bit to keep the local community active.

Get Involved With East Grinstead Touch Rugby

As we now sponsor them, it would be a missed opportunity if we didn’t try to convince you to give touch rugby a go. Touch rugby is a fun, non-contact sport which puts the social side of rugby at the forefront of the game. All abilities are welcome, with some players in EGRFC’s team having never played any form of rugby before joining.

All genders are also welcome, the only requirement is that you must be over seventeen years of age. So if you are interested, training resumes on Mondays in the New Year from 7:30PM – 9:00PM. We have also attached some further touch rugby information in order for you to find contact info, the training location, etc.

Contact EGRFC

If you would like any additional information on EGRFC’s Social Touch Rugby side then please feel free to contact us today, or alternatively you can email touchrugby@egrfc.com. We have also attached EGRFC’s contact information, should you want to enquire about something separate from touch rugby.