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MOT Testing Leads From PPC & SEO

MOT Testing Leads From PPC & SEO

4 Tips To Generate More MOT Testing Leads

In the last 12 months Google received over 200,000 searches from users searching for ‘MOT testing’ and ‘MOT tests near me’. Since 2014 BoostOnline have implemented a variety of digital marketing strategies to generate 100’s of MOT leads using PPC and SEO.

Our digital marketing team have analysed a variety of campaigns BoostOnline have deployed and managed for: MOT test centres, car servicing garages and auto repair shops. These digital marketing tips are excellent for local mechanics and MOT test centres across England. These rules can be applied, whether you have an MOT test centre in: Hove, Kent, Surrey, Exeter or Birmingham. These lead generation rules can help your garage steadily grow with a reliable and consistent stream of calls for: ‘emergency engine repairs’, ‘MOT testing leads’ and ‘car service calls’. 

4 Tips To Generate MOT Testing Leads

1. Where do you want more ‘MOT testing’ enquiries from?

Decide on a number of locations local to your garage. These could be areas you are comfortable picking up and dropping off vehicles from, or areas with little to no competition.  Are there specific postcodes you would like more ‘car servicing’ calls from? Are calls for ‘Bentley vehicle MOT in Battersea’ worth more to you than ‘Nissan service in Croydon’ or ‘BMW services in Chertsey’? Once you have chosen which locations to target, we can begin to create PPC campaigns and SEO strategies to suit your business and local drivers.

2. How many mechanics do you employ?

Does your car garage employ 12 different mechanics or are you the star of the show? You need to decide on how many jobs you can handle each month. We can then calculate how many calls you need each day to keep you at capacity. The calls generated from PPC and SEO activity are already qualified and are more likely to book an MOT with you than most. A car owner searching for [trusted MOT test centre near me] or [flat tyre replacement]. or [smashed headlight] is very likely to book.

3. Choose the right budget to deliver enough MOT testing leads.

The average [MOT test centre] cost per click (CPC) is £1.55, to send 500 people to your site requires £775. This data can be used to create accurate and transparent PPC budgets, alongside this we can then set target cost per lead goals to ensure we are delivering profitable leads for your business.

4. Find an ‘MOT test’ lead generation agency.

You started an MOT test centre because of your mechanical expertise and a passion for vehicles. Digital marketing companies with an understanding of your industry, proven track record and clear pricing can be difficult to find. 

For more information, or to request a free audit of your current activity please contact us today. Whether it’s to help improve your Google Ads PPC or SEO page positions, we can help you generate more MOT testing leads.