How is The Google Premier Partner Programme Changing in February?
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How is The Google Premier Partner Programme Changing in February?

How is The Google Premier Partner Programme Changing in February?

What are Google Premier Partners? 

First of all, what exactly is a Google Premier Partner? Premier Partners include advertising agencies, online consultancies, and other digital marketing professionals with the ability to run Google Ads accounts to a high level. This means they should be providing their clients with a consistent flow of quality leads to help their business. 

Premier Partners meet strict performance requirements provided by Google. The criteria set by Google includes the amount of clients, agency skill, level of client spend, and more. Fulfilling these requirements to a high degree sets them above the level of normal Google Partners. 

Premier Partners will need to meet a higher spending level across all the accounts that they manage. In addition to this, they will need to produce a satisfied customer base and overall ads growth. 

Google Premier Partner Programme February Changes 

Google has announced that the requirements to becoming a Google Premier Partner are changing. The new programme is scheduled to come into effect in February 2022. The current Premier Partners who meet these new standards will have access to the new Google Premier Partner Badge

The new requirements fall into three categories: Performance, Spend and Certifications. 

For performance Google wants to see that agencies get effective results for their customers. Partners will be expected to get optimal results from their Google Ads campaigns. A minimum of 70% is required for the optimisation score of the Google Partners registered Ads manager account. You will be able to accept or reject Google’s recommendations as suits you.

To meet the spending requirements, the Ads manager will need to maintain a minimum 90-day as spend of $10,000 across managed accounts. 

The February changes will mean that 50% of account strategists on the Ads manager account need to be certified in Google Ads. Also the account needs to have at least one certification in each product area with campaign spend, such as Search, Display, Video, etc. 

Why are Google Making Changes to the Partners Programme?

The coming changes to the Premier Partner Programme are due to Google claiming that their partners would like more transparency, exclusivity and recognition in the market. The new programme will be launched in February 2022. 

Current partners will keep their status until these changes come into place. The new programme will also feature the Premier Partner badge. 

From February 2022, agencies that want the Premier status  will have to be in the top 3% of participating businesses. To determine the top 3% a number of criteria are taken into account, for example consistent Google Ads spend, client growth, qualified Google Ad Certified employees, campaign optimisation scores and client retention. 

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