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Loft Conversion Leads & PPC

Loft Conversion Leads & PPC

Loft Conversion Leads With PPC

Each year Google receives over 1,200,000 searches for loft conversion and loft extension companies! PPC offers a great opportunity to place your loft conversion business in front of the right users at precisely the right time. This is a brilliant opportunity to generate loft conversion leads.

Boost Online UK have generated leads for loft conversion companies. These leads have been delivered across both national and local markets. We’ve been able to deliver loft extension lead calls for a variety of jobs including: dormer loft conversions, double loft extensions and more. We’ve created the following 5 rules to help you grow your business using Google Ads PPC and get your business infront of customers researching the price to add a loft extension to their house.

Top 5 Tips To Generate Loft Conversion Leads

1. Where would you like to generate loft conversion leads?

Deciding on your target locations helps to focus your budget on the areas that are most profitable to your business. Are ‘double loft conversions in Essex’ queries more profitable than ‘loft extensions in London’ phone calls? With a clear business profile you are able to create a bespoke advertising campaign that generates the types of lead you really value.

2. How many loft conversion leads do you need to generate?

Agreeing clear lead volume goals to help you reach capacity should be discussed with your lead generation agency or internal marketing team. You need to decide how many jobs you can service each month before starting your PPC activity. Understanding how many calls you can convert to a job can help to set realistic lead goals. Leads generated through PPC will often convert better than traditional marketing activity. Users who have searched for ‘loft conversion cost in Croydon’ are extremely valuable. You may require fewer leads than you think from PPC!

3. Why should a customer choose to use your firm?

Put the customer first. A well presented site helps to build trust and sell your services to potential customers. High quality images of your previous work and presentable images of the team help to persuade site visitors to request a quote. If you would like an independent review of your site please get in contact with us today.

4. Select the right budget.

We are able to recommend budgets using industry data and keyword reports from Google. The average [loft conversion] cost per click is £4.44, to direct 500 people to your site requires a budget of £2220. [loft extensions] clicks are slightly less expensive at £4.11.

5. Find a lead generation agency you trust.

Your agency should be able to provide: transparent pricing, customer testimonials and a clear strategy on how to generate a consistent number of loft conversion leads each month.

For more information, or a detailed review of your search activity please get in contact. Whether it’s to help improve your Google Ads PPC or SEO rankings, we can help your business appear on the Google search engine results page.